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About Our Platform


At Horter Investment Management, LLC you will see that our greatest asset is the team of people committed to providing our clients with outstanding service. That is why we focus heavily on creating a training experience that pushes our advisors to hone their strengths and embrace the system we have created. With Horter Investment Management, LLC training, we show you how to serve your clients today and how to significantly grow your business for the future. We provide you with the tools to build the foundations of a sustainable and very successful business.

horter-investment managementWe will teach you how to clearly define and express how you are unique from your competition, the flaws of the industry and why our low risk, low volatility1money management style works so well for retirees and conservative investors. Being able to clearly define why people should work with you can be a powerful differentiator. You will learn not to fear your competitors because you will have the confidence to state exactly why you are a better fit. With Horter as your foundation, you will understand how to talk and listen more successfully to your client and how to analyze their financial portfolio to gain what’s best for them.

We believe in a Retirement Designed Money Management System for our clients providing low and moderate investments with low risk and low volatility1 portfolio management. Our fee-based asset management platform consists of a low to moderate risk selection of investment choices to help retirees secure a better retirement.

We firmly believe in providing our advisors with the highest quality support, training, and tools to help them succeed. In return, our advisors commit themselves to providing our clients with an equal level of dedicated service, helping them reach their retirement goals, helping to lead both client and advisor to a long and successful future.


Horter Investment Management’s approach is to seek to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns over a full market cycle (4-5 years) compared to the traditional 60% equities/40% bonds asset allocation. We do this by implementing investment opportunities with several tactical managers within our two risk buckets. For those investors who are unwilling to stomach anything more than nominal downside risk, our goal is to provide a satisfying return over a full market cycle compared to the appropriate index.


Horter Investment Management, LLC was founded in 1991. Drew Horter has been in the financial services industry for 31 years and a Certified Financial Planner since 1986. His Horter Investment Management has been a RIA for over 21 years. We may not have seen it all, but we have seen a lot.

We pride ourselves in our credibility, knowledge and value system centered around a goal of providing a money management system designed to be low risk, low volatility1. Our greatest asset is the team of people committed to providing our clients with standout service.

Low Volatility Investing

The idea of low risk and low volatility investing1, with satisfactory returns over time (5, 10, 15 years plus) was a competitive alternative to the “buy and hold” mentality and “just take your lumps” investing that was prevalent. “Past performance is no guarantee of future results.  Investing is risky.  Investors can and do lose money.”

Our Vision

We believe in Tactical Asset Management where our platform of Private Wealth Managers can go “Risk off2” to cash, take advantage of the stock market if it goes up or down and can potentially earn money for our clients if interest rates increase or decrease.

For retirees, pre-retirees and conservative investors, we do not believe that “Buy & Hold” and Asset Allocation Models are appropriate, considering investor drawdowns/losses could be 50% in the S&P 500 as we experienced during the Great Recession.

Avoid Unnecessary Risk

Wealth Management

Tax Free Retirement

Financial Planning

Risk Management

Our Investment Planning Process Includes:

Risk Tolerance

Provide a risk tolerance test to compare to your existing portfolio risk.

Retirement Needs

Meeting with you to learn about your retirement needs and your lifestyle.

Personalized Portfolio

Developing a personalized portfolio allocation based on your retirement goals.

Implementing a Plan

Implementing a plan to help achieve your long-term goals while striving to protect your lifetime planning.

2There is no guarantee that managers will be able to avoid future market losses by going risk off to cash.  In addition, holding cash may carry the risk that a manager will not be invested during periods of positive market performance.